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The 43rd District Court has three divisions

 – Ferndale, Hazel Park, and Madison Heights.

43rd District Court
Ferndale •  Hazel Park •  Madison Heights
305 E. Nine Mile Rd. • 111 E. Nine Mile Road • 200 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220 • Hazel Park, Michigan • Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone 248-547-8700 •  Phone 248-547-3033 • Phone 248-583-1800
Fax 248-584-2599
43rd District Court Ferndale MI

Michigan is divided into 101 judicial districts, ranging in size from a single city or township to multiple counties. The District Court is a trial court of limited jurisdiction.

The Court handles all traffic cases including formal and informal hearings, trials, and parking violations. We have exclusive jurisdiction in all civil litigation up to $25,000, small claims, garnishment proceedings, and evictions. In the criminal area, the District Court handles all arraignments, misdemeanor cases, the setting and acceptance of bail, bench and jury trials, sentencing, and preliminary examinations in felony cases.

The 43rd District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

  • Small Claims (civil suits up to $3,000)
  • Civil infractions/Traffic violations
  • Civil litigations up to $25,000
  • Criminal misdemeanor offenses (adult only) punishable to a year’s imprisonment
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes (e.g., eviction)


The Criminal Division maintains records on all misdemeanor and felony offenses and is responsible for the processing, scheduling and noticing of all criminal and traffic cases in the court.

The 43rd District Court has the jurisdiction to:

  • Hold misdemeanor and felony arraignments
  • Issue arrest and search warrants
  • Set bail and accept bonds
  • Preside over preliminary examinations for felony offenses

How do I obtain a transcript of a court case?

Provide the Court a written letter containing the following:

  • Name of the case
  • Case number
  • Hearing date
  • Full name, address and phone number

*If you are a party or retained attorney, please include a $35.00 deposit made payable to Fran Fleming. For further information on payments, please contact the 43rd District Court directly at 248-547-8700.

Court-appointed attorneys are also required to request transcripts in the form of a letter. Please indicate that you are a court-appointed attorney.
Payment for a requested transcript is due prior to the release of the transcript to the requesting party.

Hazel Park

Many diverse businesses call Hazel Park home, from international companies like Siemens Water Technologies to the numerous mom and pop shops that dot the landscape.  Situated at the heart of Southeast Metropolitan Detroit, Hazel Park provides a tremendous location with immediate access to major thoroughfares including I-75, I-696, Eight Mile Road and the Woodward Corridor. International accessibility is also just minutes away via the Ambassador Bridge to Canada, Detroit Metropolitan and Oakland County International Airports.

Businesses enjoy a pro-business climate, where local government understands and appreciates the needs of businesses.  As a testament to the city's efforts to streamline processes, Hazel Park was recently certified as a Redevelopment Ready Community (RRC) by the Michigan Suburbs Alliance .

Redevelopment Ready Communities® is a program that evaluates and certifies cities that integrate transparency, predictability and efficiency into their daily development practices.
The program supports and accelerates the adoption of professional practices that cities, developers, business leaders and citizens alike can count on. Using a set of nationally-vetted best practices and standards, RRC helps municipalities build deliberate, fair and consistent development processes from the inside out–and to effectively communicate them to potential investors. The program taps the vision of local residents and business owners to shape a community-supported plan for growth.

As a Redevelopment Ready Community, Hazel Park demonstrates effective development practices, a community-supported redevelopment vision, an open and predictable review process and much more compelling sites for developers to locate their latest projects. A Guide to Development is available to walk interested parties through the process of starting a business in Hazel Park.

Madison Heights

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. Statement of Services: The 43rd District Court Madison Heights Division was established by the State of Michigan to render judicial decisions for the citizens of the City. The State is divided into judicial districts, each of which is an administrative unit subject to the control of the Supreme Court of the State of Michigan. The 43rd District Court and Probation offices are located in the Judicial Services Center on the grounds of City Center Commons.

43rd district court madison heights michiganJurisdiction of the District Court includes all felonies; misdemeanors; civil infractions; and civil and small claim cases. The District Court employees are supervised by the District Court Judge who is an employee of the State of Michigan and elected by local voters.

The District Court is installed with equipment that is both desirable and necessary for a full service Court with an increasing caseload. Computers continue to improve staff efficiency while a metal detector has been installed to increase security.

The Judicial staff includes the District Court Judge and a full-time Court Adminstrator.  There is also a part-time Magistrate who hears small claims cases, signs warrants, sets bonds, etc.  The Court is subdivided into five divisions including: Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Small Claims, Probation, and Traffic Bureau.

The Criminal Division handles all felony and misdemeanor complaints filed by law enforcement agencies.  The Civil Cases Division handles the jurisdiction of all civil litigation up to $25,000.  The Small Claims Division hears civil cases filed which are below $3,000 and require no attorney.

The Probation Division is responsible for providing services to the Judge and probationary clients. The Probation Officer provides special reports and analysis to the judges for assistance on sentencing decisions. The Court’s Alternatives to Incarceration Program is one example of how the community may benefit from cost savings and community service work when this alternative is appropriate. The services provided to probationary clients include securing employment, school, or training and referrals to rehabilitation programs to assist those with drug, alcohol, or emotional problems.

The Traffic Bureau Division handles complaints filed by law enforcement agencies regarding traffic and City ordinances at the 43rd district court.

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