6th Circuit Court Oakland County MI

6th Circuit Court Civil Criminal Division

The Civil-Criminal Division handles two types of cases.

Criminal cases include felony cases and misdemeanors, ranging from trespassing to first-degree murder.  The Civil/Criminal Division of the Oakland County 6th Circuit Court was developed in coordination with the Family Division in 1998. All cases under the jurisdiction of Circuit Courts that were not specifically dedicated to the Family Division under PA 338 of 1996 were assigned to the jurisdiction of this new division.6th Circuit Court

The Fourteen Elected Judges within the Civil/Criminal Division handle:

  • Civil cases valued over $25,000
  • Felony criminal cases
  • Appeals from courts of lesser jurisdiction and administrative agencies
  • Adult Treatment Court

This division includes the Case Management Office, which schedules and tracks cases through disposition and coordinates Alternative Dispute Resolution, and the Jury Office, which is responsible for jury operations and obtaining jurors for the Courts, supports the judges in this division, as well as 60 judicial staff and administrative support staff.

Civil cases are cases between or among two or more parties where damages must exceed $25,000. These cases may involve automobile accidents, personal injury, medical and professional malpractice, hazards involving products, labor issues, written agreements and land disputes.

6th Circuit Court Domestic Violence Personal Protection Order

A Personal Protection Order (PPO) is available to anyone who has been physically, emotionally or sexually abused by a spouse or partner, former spouse or partner, current or former roommate or current or former dating partner. A PPO may also be issued if there is proof of stalking. Juvenile staff referees and contract attorneys screen each PPO petition and make recommendations to the judge regarding issuance.

Volunteers from the Women=s Survival Center are on site and available to assist persons seeking a PPO with the necessary legal processing. They help petitioners locate the various offices within the courthouse where documents must be filed. The volunteers are trained in and able to advise parties regarding the dynamics of domestic violence, and can assist petitioners with making contacts to obtain alternative housing, counseling and other needed services for themselves and their children. A shelter for battered women is operated by HAVEN, a local non-profit agency that also offers a variety of education and counseling services.

For non-domestic matters, the Court participates in an alternative dispute resolution program offered by the Oakland County Mediation Center. Upon referral from the Court, trained attorney and non-attorney mediators provide low or no cost services to parties to help them solve community and neighborhood disputes without costly and unnecessary 6th Circuit Court intervention.

For legal representation, call Christopher Seikaly, Attorney at Law & Counselor at 248-213-6410.  He will gladly answer your questions without charge about your case in the Oakland County 6th Circuit Court.

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