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When you're in need of a help you when you've been charged with a crime, the lawyer you call can mean the difference between going home to your family and going to jail. You're here because you have a problem. We can help you fix it and being here is the first step to making your problems go away.Attorney Southfield MI

When you need a criminal defense lawyer to help you get rid of your problems and move on with your life you are in the right place. My first strategy is to make your problems go away completely. I've been getting criminal charges dismissed for over 35 years. You need my experience in your corner. We are affordable and can talk to your right now. We are experts and will take whatever you give us and make it better than it is. Our DUI Lawyers services focus on getting your charges dismissed or reduced when achievable. Our clients have recognized us as the best representatives in Michigan.
If you’ve been arrested and are facing criminal charges, Christopher Seikaly is the man you can trust to take whatever you give him and he will make it better.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, he will stand by your side and work for the best possible outcome available to you. He is here for you whenever you want to talk, even when you just need someone to listen. Mr. Seikaly takes your calls and when he can’t he calls you back quickly.

He is licensed by the State of Michigan and has been serving as a criminal law specialist for over 35 years. He’ll fight for your rights in court. Mr. Seikaly will stand up to the police and the prosecutor so you don’t have to and you can enjoy watching him work against the people that are working against you. It’s incredibly important to have the right legal representation when you’re charged with a crime.

By working with Mr. Seikaly on your arrest case, you’ll have peace of mind that you are being helped by a professional that has the legal skills to put an end to your problems and get you back home to your family.

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