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Do you need a law firm to help you with a legal problem? Our firm is one of the top criminal defense law offices in Michigan.  I'm Christopher Seikaly and I can help you right now.  Whether you were just charged with a crime or have a criminal case pending, I can help you.  Just because you've been arrested with criminal charges pending against you, you are entitled by law to the best defense available. Attorneys Law Offices

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Christopher Seikaly, Attorney At Law & Counselor provides clients with great attention. Our staff specializes in court appearances and legal representation. My outstanding consumer assistance personnel is looking forward to helping you. For extra information call us at: (248) 213-6410

As a citizen of the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty.  I'm an experienced criminal defense lawyer and will help you with any type of charges or criminal investigation that you are dealing with.  I will take your problems and make them my problem, providing you with the defense that you want and need during these difficult times.

This means that I will work for you in every way possible to ensure that your rights are protected.  I'll stand by your side every step of the way, and work hard for you to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.  I'm not afraid of or intimidated by judges, police or prosecuting attorneys.  You won't have to deal with them anymore.  Better yet, you can enjoy watching me protect you from the people that are working against you.

Laws are complicated, we can help

There are many different possibilities available when working on a criminal defense case.  Laws are complicated and rules that the police must follow are strict.  Sometimes police can make mistakes and when they do, chances are in your favor that I will find them.  My law practice has extensive experience in criminal justice providing you with the best opportunity to reduce what you are facing or even dismissing your case completely.

With over 35 years experience, you know that you have experienced and knowledgeable attorneys law offices on your side.  I understand your rights and privileges under the law.  I've practiced in federal courts, Michigan courts and district courts.

I'll review every aspect of your case in order to find weaknesses, injustices, mistakes and anything else that can be used in your favor on your defense.  I'll take advantage of every possible reason to have your charges dropped and exploit them to the maximum extent of the law.

Hiring an excellent legal representative is your best chance to go on with your life like your problem never happened. You can contact Attorney Christopher Seikaly by phone at anytime and discuss your problems openly.  In return you’ll receive friendly honest excellent advice.  Call (248) 213-6410 right now.

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