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Are you frightened or confused because you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime and want help from a criminal lawyer?  My first priority is to make your charges go away completely.

My name is Christopher M. Seikaly, Attorney at Law & Counselor.  I practice my legal specialty as an arrest lawyer.  I'm a professional and have been getting police arrest cases dismissed for my clients for over 35 years! My services are extremely thorough.Criminal Lawyer Southfield MI

Nobody wants to go to jail and I’ll help you avoid it.  More often than not, arrest cases can be dismissed by carefully and accurately presenting your side to the judge in a way that is credible, caring and sincere.

In order to ensure that you go home to your family safely without spending any time in jail, you retain an attorneys office. Trying to defend yourself in court against an arrest can be a difficult and complicated.   Lawyers like myself will not judge what you’ve been accused of because I’m here to help you.  I’ll always take your side!

As your representative, I fight for Your Freedom

It's my job to work on getting your case dismissed.  I fight for my clients because your freedom is important.

Your family loves and cares about you and they’re just as eager to have your problem behind you as quickly as possible.  I'm available by telephone at all times, you can call me right now and we'll get down to business about your case.  My clients appreciate the initiative and sincerity that I have when I deal with criminal arrest cases.  I'm here to make your life easier.

I want your charges to be dismissed as badly as you do and I'm willing to fight to make that happen.

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Christopher Seikaly, Attorney At Law & Counselor delivers Southfield MI clients top quality Criminal Lawyer products and services. Our organization specializes in Criminal Law Defense work and Michigan Drivers License Restoration. Christopher Seikaly, Attorney At Law & Counselor has become a sought after representative. Our outstanding consumer assistance team is looking forward to serving you. For additional information call us at: (248) 213-6410

Hiring an excellent legal representative is your best chance to go on with your life like this never happened. You can contact Attorney Christopher Seikaly by phone at anytime and discuss your problems openly.  In return you’ll receive friendly honest excellent advice.  For the best attorney in Southfield MI call (248) 213-6410 right now.


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