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Have you been charged with drunk driving and need a DUI Attorney at Law? Michigan drunk driving laws are very strict and you should seek help from a licensed attorney at law.  Without experienced legal representation, there's a good chance that your MI Drivers License will be restricted or even revoked.

Southfield Michigan's best Drunk Driving Lawyer

Christopher Seikaly, Attorney at Law and counselor can help you right now. He defends people accused of driving while impaired or intoxicated and will begin work on your case by looking at every possible opportunity to have your charges dismissed.  He can likely help you keep your driver's license, because of his extensive knowledge and understanding of the Michigan laws.DUI Attorney at Law Southfield MI

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Christopher Seikaly

Provides Southfield MI clients the highest quality legal representation. Our staff specializes in Criminal Defense Services, OWI Representation, Drunk Driving cases. Christopher Seikaly, Attorney At Law & Counselor has grown to be Southfield MI's DUI defense leader. Our exceptional client service team looks forward to serving you. For additional information call us at: (248) 213-6410


It does not matter if you've been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I can help you.  When you contact me, I'll take your call personally. I'll put my 35 years of experience in successful defense of individuals charged with DUI offenses to work for you.

I will:

  • Minimize your chances of going to jail,
  • Reduce or eliminate your fines and court costs,
  • Help you keep your driver's license.

You're probably  scared and confused because of your charges.  An arrest does not need to end in a conviction. My extraordinary knowledge of the laws of Michigan along with proven defense strategies, I will be able to protect you, your rights and privileges under the law, regardless of your crime.

I use my experience to prepare the highest quality defense strategy possible for your case, and with our strong support for you, your rights and your privileges, we will stand by you every step of the way throughout the court process, doing everything within the law to have your charges reduced or eliminated altogether.

Even if you have been charged with an additional offense, such as zero tolerance, reckless driving, operating while intoxicated, causing serious injury or death, or driving with a suspended or revoked license, I will help you.

I have:

  • Successfully defended hundreds of people in all types of cases,
  • Reduced charges, and in many cases, had the arrest dropped completely
  • Prevented driver's license revocation.

Hiring an excellent legal representative is your best chance to go on with your life like this never happened. You can contact Attorney Christopher Seikaly by phone at anytime and discuss your problems openly.  In return you’ll receive friendly honest excellent advice.

Call (248) 213-6410 right now.


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