How can I get a copy of my Michigan criminal record?

Here's How to Get Your Michigan Criminal Record

There are times you need to know what your Michigan criminal record looks like.  Especially before thinking about going on a job hunt.

Criminal RecordYour Michigan Criminal History Record is stored in a database that is maintained by the Michigan State Police.

Its called the Criminal Justice Information Center ICHAT.  If you've been convicted for a felony and/or serious misdemeanor it should be recorded in the ICHAT where Michigan stores criminal records. A serious misdemeanor is one that can get you sentenced to more than 93 days in jail.

ICHAT Can't Give You All Criminal Record Information

If you are looking for suppressed records or warrant information, you won't find them on ICHAT.  You also won't find federal records, a criminal record from another state. or tribal records.  If you need information pertaining to an arrest or conviction from another state, you need to contact that state to obtain the information you are looking for.

Most states have easily accessible websites.  Just type the name of the state followed by dot gov in the address line and the website will come up.  You can then do a search as to to appropriate method of obtaining the information you are looking for.

The ICHAT service is not free.  Each search will cost you ten dollars in US currency.  Payment must must be made by credit card.  The cards accepted include Mastercard, Visa and Discover. To perform a search you'll need some information about the persons arrest record that you're searching for.  You'll need their first and last names along with their date of birth.

This handy service is available twenty four hours per day seven days per week.  Now you'll know where you can gain easy access to this informational data base next time you need information regarding a criminal record in Michigan.

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