How to Get Your Michigan Drivers License Back After Substance Abuse Charges

Getting Back Your Michigan Drivers License

If you lost your Michigan Drivers License because of a substance abuse conviction, you must ask for an administrative review or License Appeal Hearing.  The following is from the Michigan Secretary of State.


Administrative Reviews

You are eligible for an administrative review if you meet one of the following requirements and the licensing action you are appealing does not involve a fatality: Michigan Drivers License

  • You are a Michigan resident with two or more alcohol and/or drug related driving convictions and you are currently on a restricted license that was either approved at a previous license appeal hearing or by a Sobriety Court, or
  • You are not a Michigan resident and attempting to clear your Michigan driving record.You will not have to appear in person for an administrative review. Instead, the Department of State will review the documents you submit and its own records to determine if your full driving privileges can be reinstated. You will receive a written decision by mail. If the decision is unfavorable, you can still request an in-person or video hearing. You may only request one administrative review in any 12 month period.An administrative review cannot be scheduled until all required documents are received by the department. Please see the reverse side for further information.In Person or Video HearingsIf you request a hearing instead of an administrative review, you must appear live at a hearing site in Michigan. Your appeal will be heard and decided by an attorney-hearing officer, who will either appear live at the hearing site or via video conferencing equipment. Once a hearing has been scheduled you will be notified of the date, time and location. After the hearing, a written decision will be mailed to you.

    Your rights when attempting to restore your Michigan drivers license

  • You may bring an attorney with you; however, an attorney is not required. Christorpher Seikaly Attorney at Law & Counselor can help you right now.  Call him at 248-213-6410.
  • You may purchase a transcript of the hearing.
  • If you disagree with the hearing decision, you can appeal the decision to a Michigan circuit court.

Required Forms and Documents when trying to get back your Michigan Drivers License

To request either an administrative review or an in person/video hearing, you must submit:
Form 1 Request for Administrative Review or Hearing
Form 2 Substance Use Disorders Evaluation – This report must be dated no more than 90 days prior to receipt in this office.

If you are requesting an administrative review, you are also required to submit: Form 3 Petitioner’s Affidavit

Other Required Documents you need when attempting to regain your Michigan drivers license.

In addition to the above forms, for either an administrative review or an in person/video hearing, you must submit:

  •   A Laboratory Report from a 10-Panel Urinalysis Drug Screen – This report must include at least two integrity variables such as specific gravity, urine creatinine or pH level.
  •   An Ignition Interlock Report – If you were previously approved for a restricted license with the ignition interlock device, you must submit a report from the interlock vendor, which covers the required minimum time period of installation with a valid driver’s license, and be dated no more than 30 days before it is received by the Department with a hearing request.
  •   Evidence of Support – Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sign-in sheets, letters, or other evidence that shows you are attending a structured support group. If you have a sponsor, you should also include a notarized letter from that person.
  •   Documentation of Sobriety –Your sobriety must be confirmed by a cross-sampling of your friends, family and co-workers, who are in a position to know, observe and personally attest to your habits regarding the use of alcohol and/or controlled substances. Three to six letters must be signed, dated and notarized with a complete mailing address and telephone number where the writer can be reached between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. Letters must contain the following information about you:
    •   The person’s relationship to you.
    •   How often the person sees you.
    •   How long the person has known you.
    •   The last time the person saw or had knowledge of you drinking or using controlledsubstances.
    •   The amount of alcohol or controlled substance the person knows you consumed on the lastoccasion.
    •   What social activities you participate in involving alcohol or controlled substances.
    •   The person’s knowledge of your past or current involvement in treatment or a support group.
  •   Additional Evidence – If you have ever attended a Michigan drivers license appeal hearing, please refer to your last hearing order for any additional information you may be required to submit. You may also submit any other evidence you believe is relevant to your case.

If you would like to make this process easier, call Christopher Seikaly, Attorney at Law and Counselor at 248-213-6410.  He will do all of the “heavy lifting” for you and help you restore your Michigan drivers license.

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