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The Macomb County Courthouse is located at: Macomb County Circuit CourtCourt Building                                    
40 N. Main St.
Mt. Clemens, MI  48043

Phone Number

(586) 493-0334



The Honorable David Viviano, Chief Justice Macomb County Circuit CourtThe Honorable David F. Viviano
Chief Judge, 16th Judicial Circuit & Macomb Probate Courts

Education: BA, Hillsdale College, 1994 JD, University of Michigan Law School,
1996 Professional History: Private Practice, 1997-2006 16th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, 2007-2012 16th Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge, 2012-present Macomb County Probate Chief Judge, 2012-present

Distinctions: Michigan Supreme Court jury reform pilot program participant Implemented e-filing at the Circuit Court level Member, Macomb M.A.D.E. Safe Council

The mission of the Court is to serve the public by providing a fair, expeditious, and impartial forum for the resolution of civil and criminal matters through the rule of law.

16th Judicial Circuit Court Overview

This is a trial court of general jurisdiction which means that it handles all types of cases except those given by state law to another court. The Civil Division handles civil cases involving more than $25,000 and cases in which parties seek equitable relief. The Criminal Division handles all Macomb County felony criminal cases and some serious misdemeanor cases. The Family Division handles all domestic relations and juvenile matters including delinquency, abuse and neglect, and adoption cases. Circuit Court judges are elected to six-year terms on the non-partisan ballot.

Core Values of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court

Honesty and integrity—telling the truth and fulfilling promises.
Principled decision making—guided by the rule of law and due process. Independence of the judiciary.
Impartiality of the tribunal—free from bias and discrimination. Reasonable access to justice—reasonable schedules, promptness, and con- tinuously striving to improve processes.
Courtesy and consideration for all.
Openness—our processes are open to public scrutiny and critical analysis. Cost effectiveness.

The Macomb County Circuit Court

is divided into two operational groups: Wills & Estates Division and the Mental Health Division.

The Wills & Estates Division has legal and equitable jurisdiction over matters relating to the settlement of a deceased person’s estate; proceedings concerning the validity, internal affairs, and settlement of trusts; the administration, distribution, modification, and termination of trusts, and the declaration of rights involving trusts, trustees, and beneficiaries of trusts. The Wills & Estates Division is also re- sponsible for matters involving guardianships and conservatorships of both adults and minors.

The Macomb County Probate Court Mental Division has jurisdiction over proceed- ings under the Mental Health Code and handles matters relating to involuntary commitments for psychiatric treatment and guardianships of individuals with a developmental disability.

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