Michigan Criminal Lawyer Can Present an Aggressive Defense When You Are Charged With A Crime

Why You Need to Consider a Michigan Criminal Lawyer

There may times when a Michigan criminal lawyer is needed in order to present an aggressive defense for those charged with certain crimes. Some of the most serious crimes that a Michigan criminal lawyer can defend against are known as felonies. But, what is a felony, exactly? This is an important question as it can truly affect a person's life if he or she is convicted of a felony.

Michigan Criminal LawyerIn general terms, a felony is any type of violation of the current penal law of the State of Michigan, in which the person who is alleged to have committed the offense.  If convicted of that charge, could be punished by imprisonment for more than one year.

A felony can also be any type of violation of a law which has been established by law to be a felony.  Because of the severity of the potential punishment, Michigan criminal lawyers work hard to present an effective defense for their clients.

In the state of Michigan, not every court is allowed to hear felony cases.  In all types of criminal cases, a district court magistrate may hear the first appearance by the person charged.  This is known as an arraignment.  It’s where you are formally charged.   At this time, the person charged may enter a plea.  If a plea of guilty or no contest is given, the judge may examine certain documents before making his ruling.

These might include things such as photographs, police reports, video tape, and witness statements.  Again, having a Michigan criminal lawyer with you at your arraignment is often crucial to a successful outcome.

Examples of felonies that a Michigan criminal lawyer defends includes any of the following:

Keep in mind that this is only a short list. There are many other felony crimes as well.

Possession of controlled substances of less than 25 grams
Possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver
Driving while intoxicated
Assault with a dangerous weapon
Carrying a concealed weapon
Breaking and entering
Home invasion
Non-payment of child support
Running a drug house
Armed robbery
Criminal sexual conduct
And many, many others.

The best time to contact a Michigan criminal lawyer for your defense is when you are charged. It is always in your best interest to not answer any questions until you have consulted with your attorney.
It is your right to refuse to answer questions until you have legal consul present. Do not let the police or anyone else tell you differently.  Any and all statements that you make while in the presence of police officers can be used against you later on in court.

Your Michigan criminal lawyer can also assist you in obtaining a fair bail or bond amount, and guide you through the steps needed in order to secure bail.  He can also provide you with expert guidance as to what will happen during the process.

For many individuals, especially those who are arrested and charged with crimes for the first time, the entire experience can be intimidating.  Having an experienced Michigan criminal lawyer working on your behalf will be of great benefit to you.

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