United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan

The United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan operates in five locations.  For more information about the location you are interested in, please click on the appropriate link.  You will then be connected to a page that displays each location along with driving directions and parking information.

If you plan on visiting any of the federal court facilities, please bring a valid picture ID.  It will be required before you are allowed into any of the federal court facilities within the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Please do not bring cellular telephones or or any devices that allow for wireless communication.  If you are a licensed attorney, you may bring cell phones into the federal court buildings but please follow the rules as to when and where they can be used.

You will be subject to search upon entering any of the court buildings and will be required to walk through a metal detector.  Please do no bring any of the following items or they may be confiscated.  These prohibited items include: knives, weapons, explosives, and other firearms.

U S District Court Port Huron MI 48060
U S District Court
Port Huron MI 48060

United States Probation Office

Unites States District Court information

The Constitution gives Congress the power to create federal courts other than the Supreme Court and to determine their jurisdiction. It is Congress, not the judiciary, that controls the type of cases that may be addressed in the federal courts.

Congress has three other basic responsibilities that determine how the courts will operate. First, it decides how many judges there should be and where they will work. Second, through the confirmation process, Congress determines which of the President's judicial nominees ultimately become federal judges. Third, Congress approves the federal courts' budget and appropriates money for the judiciary to operate. The judiciary's budget is a very small part of the entire federal budget.

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